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zipper worm

New style of plastic worm that features a flat body with ridges that look similar to a zipper on clothing. Very popular on the west coast.

wacky worm

Rigging method for straight body worm, where the hook goes through the middle of the worm and is left exposed. Looks stupid but works well on spawning fish.

ring worm

Brand of plastic worm that features rings or ribs over the outside of the body. The texture is believed to feel soft and lifelike to fish.

plastic worm

a molded soft plastic lure designed to imitate a worm, eel or snake; plastic worms are manufactured in numerous sizes, shapes and colors

floating worm

Plastic worm used to catch spawning bass that actually floats on top of the water. Common colors include pink, yellow, and sherbert.

culprit worm

Although there are several similar worms, Culprit is the manufacturer of the original ribbon tail plastic worm, thus it is often referred to as a "Culprit" style worm.

craw worm

soft plastic bait, one half of which emulates a crawfish and the other half of which emulates the shaft of a plastic worm body