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Wacky rig
rigging method by which a soft plastic bait is hooked through the middle and fished without a weight
Wacky worm
Rigging method for straight body worm, where the hook goes through the middle of the worm and is left exposed. Looks stupid but works well on spawning fish.
Wade belt
A wide plastic belt with various items attached, like a PVC rod holder, needlenose pliers in sheath, and a stringer attachment.
Wade fish
To wade through the water after fish. The lack of boating mobility is made up for by the contemplative nature of being partially submerged in the elements. Catching one fish wading is worth 5 or more from a boat, because you've really earned it.
retrieve technique by which a lure just under the water bulges the surface
Walk the dog
Retrieve method used for fishing topwater lures. Accomplished by twitching the rod tip downward several times. Used mostly with spook lures.
Walking the dog
retrieve technique by which the lure moves in a zigzag pattern — like a dog pulling back and forth on a leash; caused by twitching the rod tip and reeling simultaneously in a specific cadence
a trophy bass
Water column
the vertical cross section of a water body
Refers to a hook with a large opening or gap between the shank and point. This enables the angler to hook a bigger percentage of fish.
A stiff plastic or metal wire that protects the jig or lure from becoming snagged.
In salt water, normally made up of floating yellow sargassum weed, created when two offshore currents flow together. A solid weedline is a unique environment, inhabited with all sorts of small of juvenile fish and the predators that feed on them.
Weight forward fly line
A fly line with the thickest diameter in the first 20 or 30 feet of the line to give it weight for casting.
Wide-gap hook
Refers to a hook with a large opening or gap between the shank and point. This enables the angler to hook a bigger percentage of fish.
Drop A Bait Into The Water, Catch A Fish.
A blade design used on spinnerbaits that resembles a half moon.
Wing case
The structure on an aquatic insect or artificial nymph that holds the undeveloped wings on the back of the immature insect.
Wing dam
a man-made barrier that, unlike a conventional dam, only extends partway into a river or stream; typically designed to force water into a fast-moving center channel to reduce the rate of sediment accumulation while slowing water flow and erosion near the riverbanks
Wire leader
Any of several kinds of leader with steel content.
Live Bait, Sardines, Chovies Etc.
Wreck fishing
Fishing over sunken shipwrecks, usually for bottomfish but not always. Coastal pelagic fish often school above the wrecks at mid-depth or even at the surface.