Slang and Terms Starting With 'T'

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Center console boats need shade, and the t-top is supported directly by the console itself. Anglers can fight fish from all quarters of the boat, without the top getting in their way.

tailing fish

In shallow water, fish often reveal their location when they tip down to feed from the bottom and their tail breaks the surface.

tailing loop

The result of a fly casting error, where the unrolling casting loop crosses itself, often resulting in a fouled cast.


the area below a dam, typified by irregular currents and upwellings




a lure consisting of a slab of lead or other weighted material with a swivel and spinner blade affixed to the rear which turn as the bait falls or is retrieved


A section of river that's immediately below a dam.


The act of a fishing eating (taking) a bait or lure. Fly fisherman's terminology for "getting a bite."


An Unhappy Angler Trying To Fish Aboard An Overcrowded Boat.


Reference to the designed variation in diameter along the length of a fly line or fly leader; because the line (rather than the lure) is what is actually cast in fly fishing, the taper is important in how energy is stored and released during the cast. Examples include Double Taper or Weight Forward taper fly line.

ten to two

The casting motion whereby the position of the rod tip is compared to the hands of a clock.


Insect species whose life cycle occurs on land, such as beetles and grasshoppers.

texas rig

a method of rigging a soft plastic in which a conical sinker is threaded onto the line before tying on a hook; the lure is then threaded onto the hook in such a manner that the hook point is concealed in the lure, making it relatively snagless


Depth of lake where the lowest level of useable oxygen and cooler water temperatures meet. Bass will rarely be found below this level.

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thirty second rule

After 30 seconds out of the water, trout have little chance of surviving if released.


Reference to the chest part of an insect, where vital organs are stored and legs and wings emanate from. Also the same respective part of an artificial fly.

three-way swivel

An in-line swivel with a third station at 90 degrees, which allows attachment of a "dropper" line perpendicular to the main line.

tide rip

Two abutting currents running opposite directions as a result of tide flow and structure contour. These features concentrate organisms from every level of the food chain, including predatory gamefish.


coastal rivers, streams and lakes on which depth and water flow is affected by tidal movements


Common reference to the very "tip" section of a fly leader or to the level leader material used to is re-built the thin tip of a fly leader. Fish are caught and flies re-tied to this section.


A corrosion-resistant metal alloy, featuring the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal. Often combined with steel by fishing tackle manufactures to manufacture rod guides or lure components.


Huge Fish

topwater lure

an artificial bait fished across the surface of the water; typically, a floating lure

tourist trout

Saltwater hardhead catfish get little respect, and they've been called this and much, much worse. Especially after poking one of their poisonous fins into some angler who has a limited vocabulary.


A fishing term referring to an attractor component added to the trailing hook of a lure. Most commonly familiar to bass fishermen who add soft plastic or pork rind trailers to spinnerbaits, jigs or spoons.

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trailer hook

an extra hook attached to the back hook of a spinnerbait, buzzbait or other lure designed to catch fish that miss the lure's main hook; also called a "stinger hook"


The surface that forms the stern (back) of a boat.

trolling plug

Saltwater trolling plugs have stout hooks and a big lip for deep diving. Designed for kingfish, wahoo, tuna and, on Florida's Coastal Bend area on the Gulf, for gag grouper.

tube bait

any of a variety of soft plastic lures with a hollow cavity

tube lures

Soft plastic lures that are hollow inside the body. The end of the lure is like a soft skirt with tentacles. Used on light lead head jigs and with a slip sinker.

tuna tower

Elevated driving platform that allows a better view of surrounding water in rolling seas. Also gives the captain a better view of the trolling spread to detect gamefish approaching a lure.


adjusting the line tie or other component of a lure (typically a crankbait or spinnerbait) to alter the running direction or action of the bait


Mixing of a lake's water layers in early spring.

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A brand of lead weight that comes in strips like a matchbook.

twitch bait

slang term for jerkbait