Slang and Terms Starting With 'O'

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a non-competing individual who accompanies an angler on his boat during competition

ok ready!

speaks For It’s Self.

old salt

Some crusty old fisherman who has survived many storms offshore, and seen many fish.

open-face reel

slang term for spinning reel, a fixed spool fishing reel mounted below the rod and commonly used by anglers when fishing light lines or small lures


Clear plastic tackle boxes that can be taken out or added to a boat or tackle bag. Example; Plano Stowaway boxes.

outgoing tide

Water flowing back out, often a good time to fish the inlets that drain the bays into the Gulf or Ocean.


Long metal or fiberglass poles, used for trolling baits far to the sides of a boat.

overhand cast

Reference to a cast made with the rod moving through a vertical plane.

oyster bar

Not a dockside eating establishment! A real oyster bar is a shallow reef, often exposed at low tide, made up of countless oysters. Good for fishing, though easy to snag bottom. Hazardous to bare skin, fiberglass boats and propellers.