Slang and Terms Starting With 'M'

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mack attack

Mackerel Eating Every Bait Thrown Making It Impossible To Catch Targeted Species.



make bait

Catching Live Bait Yourself As Opposed To Buying It.


Idiot That Doesn’t Look Behind Before Casting His Jig. Watch Out For This Guy, Unless You Want Your Nose Pierced For Free.


The only trees that grow in salt water. Mangroves protect tropical coastlines from storm surges, and their extensive root system attracts a variety of shallow water gamefish.


an on-board observer in the Bassmaster Elite Series. Marshals ensure the integrity of competition by reporting rules violations to BASS tournament officials as well as assist by operating technological devices such as BASSTrakk and BASSCast. As randomly paired on-board observers, Marshals also witness first-hand a full day of tournament fishing with the best anglers in the world, the Bassmaster Elite Series pros. BASS members 16 years of age or older are eligible to participate.


vegetation growing from the bottom of a lake or stream that has reached the surface and spread out to create a dense canopy; this cover can provide excellent shelter for bass; mats are typically fished using the pitching and flipping techniques

match the hatch

mimicking the size and color of insects, baitfish or other prey; a term popularized by fly fishermen targeting trout feeding on insect hatches, but applicable to all types of fishing

matching the hatch

Choosing the fly pattern that imitates the insects that are hatching nearby.


The most beautiful of aquatic insects, the mayfly is characterized by an upswept wing and long, delicate two- or three-stranded tail. The mayfly goes through three stages -- egg, nymph, and adult -- then metamorphoses once again from a sub-imago adult to a spinner.

medium runner

a crankbait designed to run 5-10 feet deep


Various techniques of managing the fly line to control the presentation of the fly. Most mends are imparted while the line is on the water, which involves adding or removing slack. Slack is added at key points to enable a "dead drift." Other mends remove slack at key points to control the "swing" of a fly in the current.

merging currents

A dead spot of calm water created where two currents come together.


any small jig that must be cast with ultralight tackle


A very small species of aquatic insects found in trout streams. Many species of midges hatch into adults in the middle of winter. They have four stages of development, from egg to larva to pupa to adult.

mojo rig

Technique similar to a Carolina Rig except that it is rigged on a spinning rod. Thus it is a finesse-type method. The sinkers are cylindrical or pencil-shaped to come through rocks without snagging.

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mono leader

Leader made of monofilament. Mono leaders are of course heavier grade than the line on your reel. Standard mono leader for huge marlin, for instance, is 300-pound test, while line on the reel seldom exceeds 80-pound test.


Common reference to a synthetic polymer fishing line extruded as a single filament.


a nickname for largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides)


Yellowtail. This Is Usually A “large Yellowtail” Being Caught In An Area That He Shouldn’t Be In Or Being Caught In The Winter Months. –

motor fish

When fishing over a tiny spot that is deep, it is more practical to keep the engine running, attempting to "hover" the boat over the spot. For instance, the tiny rocks in the Gulf of Mexico, no bigger than a car, are often 200 feet deep. Anchoring here is impractical and time-consuming. Instead, you motor over the boat, while a couple of anglers drop their baits down.


Created by a bottom-grubbing school of fish. For instance, a school of bonefish rooting on the bottom will gradually muddy the water in a large patch, easily visible on a sunny day.


A family of small freshwater shrimp found in cold, clean mountain lakes, reservoirs and their tailwaters. Because of their abundance and protein content, fish that key on them as a food source record phenomenal growth. Mysis are an indicator of clean, healthy water conditions.