Slang and Terms Starting With 'K'

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keel guard

Handy device that is glued to the keel of a bass boat, so that it can be beached without damage to the bottom of the boat.


Legal size bass. Example: In Missouri bass must be 15 inches long in order to be a keeper.

kentucky bass

term commonly used to refer to spotted bass (Micropterus punctulatus)


Larger, heavier bass that really helps out the total weight of a tournament angler's catch. Example; "I had a limit of 2-pounders, but was lucky and caught a 5 pound kicker."

kite rig

Fishing a bait with a kite. Fishing kites are different from land kites, usually flat and square. The live bait skips around on the surface, without the telltale line being visible. Used mostly on sailfish, but effective on other species.

kneel and reel

a presentation and retrieve technique in which the angler kneels in the boat and keeps his rod tip under the water while retrieving a deep diving crankbait, thereby getting maximum diving depth from the lure