Slang and Terms Starting With 'J'

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jack plate

Device attached to the transom of a bass boat that allows the outboard motor to be mounted farther back and higher that originally. Improves performance. Example, Rite Hite Jackplate. Also used for shallow-running flats boats. This device jacks the motor straight up and down, without tilting the lower unit, even while running.

jacobson downdrift

Feeding slack into the line as the fly emerges downstream to imitate an emerging insect.


There are two types: soft and hard. The soft style is similar to a baitfish profile and rigged with a large worm hook. Example: Slug-Go. Hard jerkbaits resemble more of a minnow baitfish. Examples are a Rapala or Smithwick Rogue. Both style lures are fished by twitching or jerking the lure forward, hence the name.

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A manmade peninsula constructed of large chunk rock or chunked concrete. Jetties are built as a shield to protect harbors from wave action and wind. An incidental benefit is jetties provide habitat for many marine organisms, including fish.


a weighted head molded around a single, upturned hook with a rubber, silicone or hair skirt affixed to dress the hook


the combination of a jig and pork rind or soft plastic trailer typically used to emulate a crawfish


the combination of a jig and pork rind or soft plastic trailer typically used to emulate a crawfish


A vertical presentation where a lure is worked up and down (rather than laterally) through the water column.


Old wooden-body topwater lure with large metal lip. Makes a gurgle-type commotion when retrieved.


typically a flat bottomed aluminum or wood boat with bench-type seating and commonly used to fishing on small bodies of water

jump fishing

the practice of targeting schooling fish that are obviously feeding on baitfish near the surface


a group of bass chasing baitfish to the surface, where they feed in groups; also called "schooling"