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Improved clinch knot
The suggested knot for tying a fly to the leader or tippet.
Commonly refers to in-line spinners where the blade, body, and hook are all in a straight line. Example is a typical Mepp's spinner.
In-line spinner
a straight-shaft lure with one or more spinner blades attached to the fore and a dressed single or treble hook in the rear
Incoming tide
Water pushing inshore, generally caused by the moon's gravity pull. A strong wind blowing out to sea can somewhat negate an incoming tide, however.
Indiana blade
Refers to a teardrop shaped blade used on spinnerbaits.
Indicator species
A species of plants or animals that suffers when pollution or environmental stress begins, thus indicating environmental degradation.
A natural pass between ocean and bay. Unjettied inlets are more hazardous to boat traffic, because of shifting sandbars that can be a hazard. Most inlets are now jettied with granite rocks, to protect against erosion and to save dredging costs.
A nebulous term that means perhaps within sight of land. "Let's head inshore" means moving the boat from offshore back towards land.