Slang and Terms Starting With 'H'

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Feathers from around the head and neck of a bird and used to tie fishing flies.

hair jig

A type of jig dressed with any number of types of animal or synthetic hair.

hard bait

any lure made predominantly of hard plastic, wood, composite or other hard materials


slang term for large bass of any species


A government fisheries term for partyboat. Basically a fishing boat for hire that carries more than six people. The average is more like 30 anglers, and sometimes more than 100. With that many lines, you mostly fish straight down with heavy tackle for bottom fish.


Kelp Pattie, Kelp Beds

high sticking

In fly fishing, a nymphing technique in which the rod is held high during the drift to reduce drag and maintain maximum contact with the fly.

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hole jumping

the practice of knowingly fishing a location that was previously discovered to be productive by someone else — usually another competitor in a tournament; it is generally considered to be unethical, though it may not be against any rules


term Used For The Guy That Fishes With The Clicker On Each Time The Fish Runs.


To sharpen hooks or knives with a stone.

honey hole

an extremely productive fishing spot

hook set

the process by which the hook is driven into the mouth of a fish


term Used When You Have Hooked Into A Fish.


A good-sized live shrimp sold at the marinas, usually a white shrimp.

hula grub

Soft plastic curly-tailed grub, with a soft skirt type feature at the head of the grub.


Section of the lake bottom that rises vertically toward the surface, or is shallower than the area around it. A submerged island would be considered a hump.


As In Hooked Up With A Big Fish. Not To Brag, But I’m “hung”.


the layer of water below the thermocline