Slang and Terms Starting With 'G'

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Global Positioning Satellite, device used to accurately determine your location with in feet. Handy for finding your way on unfamiliar lakes.

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A steel hook on a handle used for landing fish.


any fish species that is pursued by anglers primarily for sport purposes and not for its value as table fare

gear ratio

The number of times a reel spool (conventional) or rotor (spinning) revolves for every full turn of the handle.

german brown trout

A native of the European continent, the brown trout has a golden sheen and black and orange speckles with white rings around them.

going ike

screaming and cavorting in reaction to catching or losing a fish ala Michael Iaconelli

golden rule

Gold color aluminum measuring device used in tournaments to measure bass in order to easily determine the length of the fish.


Big Tuna.

grand slam

Some notable angling achievement, usually three popular species of fish from a certain area. A flats grand slam would be a tarpon, permit and bonefish. A billfish grand slam would be a sailfish, blue marlin and white marlin.


A carbon material produced as a by-product of oil refinement. Popular in the production of fishing rods because of its strength to weight ratio and density, which results in enhanced sensitivity.


Vegetation catch-all phrase. Refers to green plants growing in the water. Bass are attracted to the grass, which is home to prey.

green drake

A large, green-bodied mayfly found in many trout streams, a particular favorite food for trout.


A device used to grind chum before tossing it overboard.


Small curl tail lure made of soft plastic.

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Big Calico Or Sand Bass. Too Tough To Eat, Should Be Released.


Professional anglers who are paid to help other angler locate and catch fish.