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Fish Attracting Devices were first used centuries ago. Any large, floating object like a tree that attracts pelagic fish. Some are anchored; others are allowed to drift.

false casting

The act of aerializing fly line in preparation for delivering the actual cast.

fan casting

Systematically covering the water by visualizing numbers on a clock, making casts to each number in a fan like pattern.


One Who Constantly Loses Fish. Don’t Know How This One Came About.


Six feet of depth. Many nautical charts are marked in fathoms, not feet.

felt soles

Most wading shoes for flyfishing are soled with thick felt for good traction on slick rocks.


The joint where different sections of a rod fit together.


A material made from extremely fine fibers of glass. When woven into a cloth, it can be used to fabricate boat hulls and fishing rods. Fiberglass has been surpassed in popularity by graphite for rod manufacturing; however, it is still employed in big game saltwater rods for strength and in crankbait rods for its flexibility.


Commonly refers to slowing down and using smaller lures, line, and rods. Also a style of small lures used for this technique.

finesse fishing

technique by which small and/or slow moving lures are used to generate feeding strikes from lethargic bass; commonly regarded as the opposite of power fishing


The wasteful, immoral practice of removing sharks' fins, dumping the carcass (often while still alive), and selling the dried product for Asian soup.

fire tiger

Color scheme that involves a lure with green back, chartreuse sides, orange belly and black vertical lines on the sides.


Small Yellowtail

fish heads

What’s Left After A Sea Dog Gets A Hold Of It!

fish pass

A cut dredged through a barrier island, created to allow better fish traffic and tidal flushing.


sonar unit used to anglers to locate and identify underwater features, including fish


the practice of inserting a hypodermic needle through the skin of a bass to release air from the fish's swim bladder; this method is best left to trained personnel to ensure survival of fish caught from deep water; typically, the fish is held underwater during the procedure, and the needle "fizzes" when it enters the swim bladder


an expanse of bottom with relatively little change in bottom contour or water depth


Huntington Flats. Sandy-bottom Area Located 1-3 Miles Off Huntington Beach.

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Artificial imitations of the aquatic and terrestrial insects found in and near trout streams. Flies are tied of many and various materials, such as feathers, fur, thread, tinsel, and even space-age materials. Patterns imitating minnows, baitfish and other fish and crustacean species are also called "flies."


A short line bass fishing technique developed for penetrating heavy cover. A fixed length of line is managed by the rod and by the off hand. An underhand swing delivers the jig or worm quietly and much more accurately than a conventional cast.

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flipping stick

A heavy-action casting rod, between seven- and eight-feet long, employed specifically in the technique of flipping.

float tube

A one-man fishing floatation device for lake and slow river fishing that looks like an inner tube covered with a cloth mesh liner, seat, and back rest.


technique utilizing a long (typically 8 feet and longer) spinning rod, light line, float and small jig to target suspended bass, especially winter smallmouth


Substance applied to a dry fly to resist water absorbsion.


Style of lure that floats rather than sinks at rest. Example wooden crankbaits.

floating worm

Plastic worm used to catch spawning bass that actually floats on top of the water. Common colors include pink, yellow, and sherbert.

florida rig

A worm sinker that has a metal cork screw in the base so that the angler can screw in the worm. This keeps the sinker and worm together and reduces tangles.

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A material composed of a bond between fluorine and carbon atoms. Fishing line manufactured of this material can take a lot of damage without losing strength, as opposed to monofilament, which is compromised by even the smallest nick. In addition, it has a faster sink rate for it's diameter than mono. The raw material has a lower light refraction index than water. This has lead manufacturers to claim that fluorocarbon is less visible than monofilament.

fly pattern

Generic term for "version" or "variation" when referring to artificial flies.


a hair jig with small pork rind trailer

flying bridge

A permanent raised steering platform on an offshore sportfishing boat. From this elevated platform, the captain has a better view of everything, including the trolling baits and any approaching fish.

flying gaff

A long handled gaff with a detachable head tied to a rope.


Lots Of Big Fish Feeding Heavily Upon Lots Of Little Fish. The Topwater Disturbance Is So Great It Creates A “foam” On Top Of The Water.

football head

Design refers to the shape of certain jigs that resemble a football mounted side ways. Normally used in very rocky locations.

football jig

jig with football-shaped head; popular for fishing deep water structure and cover, especially rocks


Little Tuna.

freestone river

A natural river with an undammed channel that allows free movement of stones rolling down the river course over time.

french fry

Soft-plastic worm about 4 inches long. Resembles a crinkle-cut French fry. Used often on Carolina Rigs.


Soft, tough plastic lure that swims on top of the water. Often used in thick, scummy areas.