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A place adjacent to the main current where water "stacks" up, slows and reverses direction. Eddies provide excellent places for fish to hold with very little effort, while insects and other food items are swept in as if on a conveyor belt.
Egg Sinker
A sliding sinker shaped like an egg. Generally, the main line is threaded though the hole in the sinker, then a barrel swivel attached below it. A leader is tied below the swivel. When fished with a slack line, the fish can move off with the bait without feeling the sinker dragging along.
Commonly refers to the depth finders, and fish locaters used by anglers.
Elite Series angler
a professional angler in the Bassmaster Elite Series
The stage of an aquatic insect's life cycle when it rises to the surface, sheds its nymphal shuck, and "emerges" as a winged insect.
the layer of water above the thermocline
The transitional area in a river's delta where the flow is dissipated and tidal surge becomes an influence. These nutrient rich areas support diverse ecosystems and provide habit and nursery grounds for fish and a wide range of other organisms.
Evening hatch
When many insects choose to emerge from under the water.