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one Who Constantly Is Sleeping In The Cabin, Can’t Take The Boredom.


A general name for the dozens of subspecies of caddis flies found in trout streams all over the world. Also known as a "sedge," they are characterized by a tent-like wing. Caddis have four stages of development, from egg to larva to pupa to adult.


The ‘preferred’ Baitfish, Usually Live Squid.


Also referred to as a "neck," the cape consists of skin from a chicken's head and neck that yields "hackles." Dry fly hackle comes from a rooster cape; wet fly hackle from a hen cape.

carolina rig

A rigging method designed to present a soft plastic lure along the contour of the bottom. This rig consists of a main line with a heavy sinker, bead, then swivel. The swivel has a leader (1-6ft) to which a plastic lure is tied. Best lures include lizards, centipedes and French fries.

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cast net

A circular net thrown by hand. The outer perimeter is lined with lead weights. Great for catching shrimp and baitfish.


Term that refers to releasing the fish you catch so that they can live to fight another day, and thus insuring a productive fishery.

cattle boat

An Overcrowded Open-party Sportfishing Boat. “wow, Those Guys Are Packed On Like Cattle!”


Four-inch straight plastic worm used for Carolina rigs.


the main bed in a river or lake originally shaped by natural or man-made forces


A trout-like species of fish whose subspecies include brook trout, Dolly Vardens, and arctic char, among others.


Device used to charge the boaters trolling motor batteries.


A Sea Gull; Especially One That Ate Your Hook. “look, I Caught Some Chicken!”


The "running edge" of a boat. The chine is the edge made by the joining of the bottom and the sides of a boat.




A general term for any number of floating lipless topwater lures that "push" water. Some have cupped faces, while other are rounded.


Chopped up fish, shellfish or even animal parts (for sharks), dropped overboard to attract gamefish.

chum bag

A mesh bag left hanging overboard, filled with chum. Trollers sometimes drag the bag alongside the boat. Smaller bags can be trolled deep while attached to downrigger balls.


Seasick Person.


Plastic or pork trailer commonly used on jigs.

cigar minnows

A yellow-tailed member of the scad family, sold most often as frozen bait in five-pound boxes, caught along the Florida Panhandle. Widely regarded for their firm texture and appeal to offshore fish. Cigar minnows can also be caught on tiny fly hooks, called Sabiki Rigs.

circle hook

Hook with a decreasing radius bend design, originally used by commercial fishermen because it requires no hookset. If a fish swallows the bait and swims away, increasing tension will pull the hook back out through the throat without sticking until it lodges in the corner of the jaw. Many sport fishermen now use this hook because bait-caught fish may be safely released with almost zero mortality.


A metal device added to certain brand buzzbait in order to make additional noise.


Better known as The BASS Masters Classic, the year-end championship of bass fishing. This is where the top 45 anglers meet to crown a world champion angler.

clicker cork

A thin Styrofoam cork, 3 inches long, mounted on an 8-inch wire. Yanking on it produces a clicking sound that imitates shrimp snapping their tails underwater. These corks are great for suspending a plastic shrimptail jig above a grass bottom, and below troublesome floating grass.

clinch knot

Very popular knot for tying directly to lures, flies or bait hooks.

closed-face reel

a fixed spool fishing reel utilizing a conical cover that encloses the spool and helps to control line; commonly used by beginning anglers; also known as a "spincast reel"

clouser minnow

A very popular all-species streamer design. It utilizes metal barbell eyes to cause the fly to ride with the hook point on top, reducing hang-ups.


Now a wide range a lure colors, the original clown color sported red, pink and blue airbrushed spots over a white and yellow background and was employed by steelhead anglers.


An amateur angler who fishes from the back of the professional angler's boat during a tournament

coastal pelagic

An offshore fish that migrates along the coastline, but isn't a true, ocean-going pelagic. Examples are kingfish, Spanish mackerel, cobia.

colorado blade

Lobe shaped spinner blade design.

comeback lure

a lure intended for use immediately after a bass has struck at and missed a different lure; soft plastic baits are common "comeback lures" for anglers who have just missed bass on a spinnerbait or topwater lure

community hole

a well-known and frequently fished area where numerous angler have had success


Massive Sized Kelp Pattie

countdown lure

a lure that sinks in the water at a predictable rate


General reference to physical features above and below the water surface that fish relate to. Boat docks, submerged timber, weedbeds, brushpiles and boulder fields are all examples of cover. Cover may provide relief from the view of predators, or from bright sunlight, or merely a hiding/resting place. In general, many fish such as bass prefer relating to cover or structure, over free-swimming in open water.

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A plastic or wooden lure with a diving bill, that dives downward when retrieved or "cranked."

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casting directly into thick vegetation mats or bushes with a forceful, short cast; typically, a heavy, bullet shaped weight is used to break through the cover and pull a worm or other soft plastic lure into the open water below the canopy

craw worm

soft plastic bait, one half of which emulates a crawfish and the other half of which emulates the shaft of a plastic worm body


Small fresh water crustaceans similar to lobsters only smaller. A favorite food of bass. Also describes a reddish color used in all sorts of lures.

creature bait

a bulky soft plastic bait with several appendages; most popular for flipping, pitching and Carolina rigging

crimp sleeve

Used rather than a knot to create a loop in larger monofilament or wire leaders. Sleeves are sold by size, according to the diameter of the leader material being crimped.

cross chop

Wind-driven waves and ocean swell colliding from two directions. Also caused by waves bouncing off a seawall and going back out, colliding with incoming waves.

cul de canard

French for "butt of the duck." These downy feathers come from around the oil gland of ducks and geese. When the oil is removed, these feathers resist absorbing water, making them useful for tying certain types of flies.


Refers to releasing a smaller fish when you have a limit and have now caught a larger fish that will weed out one of the smaller ones. "This big fish will cull that small one" is a phrase heard on The Bassmasters TV show often.

culprit worm

Although there are several similar worms, Culprit is the manufacturer of the original ribbon tail plastic worm, thus it is often referred to as a "Culprit" style worm.


A narrow body of water cutting through land. For instance, a boat cut gouged through a barrier island, for boater access.

cut bait

Fish cut into chunks to fit the hook.


a rainbow/cutthroat hybrid, the cuttbow has both the rainbow's stripe and a cutthroat's "slash" under its jaw.

cutthroat trout

A native to many Rocky Mountain rivers, the cutthroat has a crimson "slash" under its jaw and black spots concentrated near the tail.

cutting board

Plywood surrounded by a lip of wood, sealed and painted. Or just an old piece of plywood. Used for cutting bait, and preventing knife cuts on expensive boat gunnels.


Abbreviation for "cubic feet per second," the term is a means of measuring the flow of a stream. A small stream might carry 40 cfs and offer good trout fishing, while a large river like the Colorado might reach 30,000 cfs in the Grand Canyon during flood stage.