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the portion of the casting motion in which the angler brings the rod tip back sharply and just before the power stroke that brings the rod tip forward; the term is most commonly associated with fly fishing
Small diameter braided line loaded onto a fly reel underneath/behind the actual fly line. It serves to fill the reel and add line capacity when fighting long-running fish.
Backing down
Driving the boat backwards (in reverse) while pursuing a fish.
an overrun of the spool of a baitcast reel caused by improper spool tension on the part of the angler; sometimes euphemistically referred to as a "professional overrun"
A small, widely occurring mayfly also referred to as a Blue Winged Olive.
Bait seine
A large, rectangular shaped net for gathering baitfish from a rearing pond. One person is stationed at each end, and each person holds the net taught as they move from one end of the pond to the other.
Baitcast reel
a revolving spool fishing reel that is mounted above the rod
Most common style of reel used in bass fishing, typically round or oval shaped and somewhat open construction. Also known as level wind reels.
Pronounced "bally-hoo," this is the popular offshore bait used for trolling, most often for billfish. The bait of choice for sailfish for many years. A pricey bait when used for other saltwater species.
Ball bearings
Small metal balls added to the mechanical mechanism of high-quality reels to make the retrieve smoother. Normally the more ball bearings a reel has the higher quality.
Ball-head jig
jig with round (or "ball") head
Type of wood several lures are manufactured from. This wood is very light, yet highly buoyant. Gives the lure great action. Examples include Bagley's Balsa B, and Rapala Minnows.
Bank runner
small bass that are relatively easy to catch and typically spend most of their lives near shore
Glass, or plastic beads added to a Carolina Rig to enhance the noise, and protect the knot.
Bed fishing
the tactic of fishing for bass that are holding on or near spawning beds
Circular areas in the lake bottom that bass clear out in which to lay their eggs during the spawn. "The bass are on the beds" refers to the fish actively spawning.
Bell sinker
Rounded conical shaped weight with a tie-on loop at the top. Also referred to as a Dipsy sinker.
The 'fat' section of a tapered fly line.
Belly strip
A strip of belly meat from a baitfish. Cut and trimmed in a streamlined fashion, it can be trolled behind the boat, where it flutters in a fashion enticing to gamefish.
Any of several species of pelagic fish, including sailfish, spearfish, blue, black or white marlin, and swordfish.
slang term for spinnerbait or blade bait
Blade bait
lure type generally identified by its slim, "blade-like" body and generally made from aluminum and lead
Blood knot
A common knot used to join two pieces of leader together. Most often used in hand-tied fly-fishing leaders.
a shoreline tree that has fallen into the water; also known as a "laydown"
a technique that involves casting a big-bladed spinnerbait parallel to the edge of a cliff face and retrieving it rapidly just under the surface
Topwater Disturbance Caused By Big Fish Chasing Little Fish.
Bottom fish
Fish that spend most of their lives on bottom, such as cod, snapper, and grouper.
Water that is mostly fresh, with some salt. The far ends of tidal creeks are mostly brackish, supporting sometimes fresh and saltwater fish.
Braided channel
Usually found on freestone rivers, braided channels are ever-changing smaller channels that together constitute the course of the entire river.
A metal alloy mainly composed of copper and zinc. Used in low-friction gears on fishing reels because of it's corrosion resistance and on bass fishing sinkers in conjunction with glass beads to create noise.
an area of transition from one depth to another, one cover type to another, one water temperature to another, one water color to another, one substrate to another or any other transition that could influence bass behavior
one or more of a species of panfish; a commonly used term for bluegill and other panfish
Fish That Are Just Swimming Through The Area. Not Necessarily Feeding, Just Teasing.
slang term for smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomeiu)
Brook trout
A member of the char family. Native to Northeastern North America. Requires cooler, purer waters than most "trout."
Brown bass
slang term for smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu)
a man-made collection of brush and woody cover placed in a body of water in order to attract game fish
slang term for largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides)
retrieving a lure, usually a spinnerbait, just under the surface so the lure bulges the water without breaking the surface
Bull Bass
Big Calicos (used Only In San Diego?)
Bullet Sinker
A bullet-shaped sliding sinker popular for rigging plastic worms.
Bump the stump
technique by which a lure is retrieved in a manner that brings it into contact with another object so that it ricochets off the object, often generating a reaction strike from bass
Keeping a trolled bait mostly in one spot, by pointing the boat into the current/wind and "bumping" the engines in and out of gear, to hold position.
Butt seat
A seat that is shaped in a sort of half moon design, which anglers often use to lean against while fishing. Also known as "Bike" seats.
a lure with a weighted head, similar to a spinnerbait, and a blade that churns the surface (or "buzzes") as it is retrieved
retrieve for fishing a spinnerbait in which the blades of the lure are bulging the surface of the water
Non-targeted sea life caught by commercial fishermen. Tuna longlines have a bycatch of turtles or mahi-mahi, for instance. Shrimp nets have a bycatch of at least a hundred species of fish and crab, discarded overboard.