Slang and Terms Starting With 'A'

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Characteristics of lure movement when retrieved.

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A very productive and world famous all-purpose dry fly pattern.

adult insect

Imago, the final phase of an insect's life cycle, most often occurring above water for aquatic insects.

alabama rig

castable variation of the "umbrella" rig; Andy Poss is generally recognized as the person who modified the umbrella rig for conventional bass fishing



alphabet lures

Wide-body crankbaits that were originally fashioned from wood. Modern examples include Bomber Model A and the Cotton Cordell Big O.


Fisherman who is less experienced than his partner. Normally a term used in Pro/Am style tournaments. Also describes angler who does not earn his living fishing.

anchor buoy

Usually a red plastic ball of at least 24 inches in diameter, with a large ring attached. Hook the ring on the anchor rope and heave the buoy overboard. Drive the boat upwind or upcurrent. Presto! The anchor is pulled up quickly to the buoy using horsepower instead of human power.


The "bottom" of a reel's spool (what you tie the line onto). A spool with a small diameter arbor holds more line than the same size spool with a larger diameter arbor.

artificial reef

Any material sunk offshore for the express purpose of attracting fish. Old boats, concrete culverts, metal pipe, the list is endless. Most states now require a permit before dumping because non-practical material was being used, objects that rusted quickly, polluted or were a hazard to shrimpnets.

attractor patterns

Bright, bold flies that do not imitate any insect in particular, but many insects in general. Attractor patterns often provoke a trout's tendency to strike.