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Fishing Slang of the Day - September 19

double haul

A casting technique where the angler pumps the fly line with the non-casting hand on the forward and backward segments of the cast. The pumping motion accelerates the line and gives the cast additional length. Double hauling is an essential technique for long casting.

Fishing Slang of the Day - September 18


Yellowtail. This Is Usually A “large Yellowtail” Being Caught In An Area That He Shouldn’t Be In Or Being Caught In The Winter Months. –

Fishing Slang of the Day - September 17


A long, flat, silvery fish many people mistake for an eel, easily three feet long and sometimes up to five feet long. Long, sharp teeth are wicked, and they'll chomp through a 40-pound mono leader. Highly esteemed bait in the kingfish tournaments, ribbonfish must be rigged with multiple hooks because of their length.

Fishing Slang of the Day - September 16


Abbreviation for "cubic feet per second," the term is a means of measuring the flow of a stream. A small stream might carry 40 cfs and offer good trout fishing, while a large river like the Colorado might reach 30,000 cfs in the Grand Canyon during flood stage.

Fishing Slang of the Day - September 15

reverse cast

The nymphing cast made by casting across the body on the "off" hand side of the stream. (For a right-handed fisherman, the right side of the stream. For a left-handed fisherman, the left bank.) Also called the "Western roll cast."

Fishing Slang of the Day - September 14

old salt

Some crusty old fisherman who has survived many storms offshore, and seen many fish.

Fishing Slang of the Day - September 13

hard bait

any lure made predominantly of hard plastic, wood, composite or other hard materials