Apr 9 Slang of the Day
Split cane rod

An old-fashioned bamboo fly rod made by gluing together long strips of cane in hexagonal fashion. The cross-section of a split cane rod would look like a pie cut into six slices, though the periphery is six-sided or eight-sided.

Apr 8 Slang of the Day

landing a bass by raising it into the boat or onto the bank with the rod; this practice is generally discouraged if the fish is allowed to fall to the deck of the boat or onto the bank since it could harm the fish and reduce its chances for survival once released

Apr 7 Slang of the Day
Spincast reel

Reel featuring push button spool release. Example; Zebco 33.

Apr 6 Slang of the Day

Soft plastic lures similar to a salamder. Used for Carolina Rigs, and fishing shallow water in the spring.

Apr 5 Slang of the Day

retrieve for fishing a spinnerbait in which the blades of the lure are bulging the surface of the water