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Fishing Slang of the Day - June 21


A general name for the dozens of subspecies of caddis flies found in trout streams all over the world. Also known as a "sedge," they are characterized by a tent-like wing. Caddis have four stages of development, from egg to larva to pupa to adult.

Fishing Slang of the Day - June 20

braided channel

Usually found on freestone rivers, braided channels are ever-changing smaller channels that together constitute the course of the entire river.

Fishing Slang of the Day - June 19

patch reef

A patch of coral reef inshore of the main reef line. For instance, most of the Florida Keys' main reef is a half-dozen miles offshore. But the patch reefs are small, isolated, and scattered anywhere between dry land and the deeper water.

Fishing Slang of the Day - June 18


a fly fisher's term for a freshwater shrimp, usually found in spring creeks and clean ponds and rivers, sizes 8-18, green, gray, black and sometimes orange in color.

Fishing Slang of the Day - June 17

three-way swivel

An in-line swivel with a third station at 90 degrees, which allows attachment of a "dropper" line perpendicular to the main line.

Fishing Slang of the Day - June 16


An amateur angler who fishes from the back of the professional angler's boat during a tournament

Fishing Slang of the Day - June 15

single haul

The act of pulling on the flyline with the off hand to increase line speed during either the front cast or backcast. A "double haul" is the same thing applied on both the front cast and backcast.