a hard or soft lure that is generally long and slender and designed to emulate a baitfish


A government fisheries term for partyboat. Basically a fishing boat for hire that carries more than six people. The average is more like 30 anglers, and sometimes more than 100. With that many lines, you mostly fish straight down with heavy tackle for bottom fish.


term Used When You Have Hooked Into A Fish.

Jack plate

Device attached to the transom of a bass boat that allows the outboard motor to be mounted farther back and higher that originally. Improves performance. Example, Rite Hite Jackplate. Also used for shallow-running flats boats. This device jacks the motor straight up and down, without tilting the lower unit, even while running.


The last phase of a mayfly's life, the spinner dances above the water until it mates and the female lays eggs, whereupon the spinners die.